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Rachel Williamson & Mona

Volunteering for Pets As Therapy is incredibly rewarding and sharing Mona’s care and affection with others is something that can’t be quantified. I think it is great.” 

Staffordshire Bull terriers often get bad press, but Rachel Williamson from Rothwell says her dog Mona has a wonderful nature. “They are a truly affectionate breed and Mona loves nothing more than being a PAT Dog. She loves to hear a story read to her by the children she visits at St Thomas More primary school.”

The PAT Team visit each week and spend time with students who have requested a session with Mona, or who have been recognised as someone who would benefit hugely from interacting with a PAT Dog.

“Some children like to read to Mona or have a walk with her around the school grounds,” Rachel smiles. “Others want to talk or simply play. It’s always up to the child involved and how they feel on the day.”

A calm, caring and lovable four-legged friend
Rachel noticed Mona’s calm and caring nature very early on, and realised she owned a very special dog. “Seeing how she interacted with children from within our family, with our friends and with complete strangers who she met while on walks – this gave us the idea of sharing the care she clearly demonstrated. Mona demonstrates empathy with each child that she meets and being calm and comfortable in her nature contributes to them also being put at ease too.”

Each term Mona gets to meet a new group of children and it’s the chance for Rachel to answer many questions and educate on all things Mona and PAT too. “It’s great to be able to chat with the children, something I really enjoy, and share Mona’s story. The school children are all genuinely interested in her and what we do for Pets As Therapy too.”

Everyone's best friend
Everyone at the school is certainly smitten. “When Mona arrives she is treated like a famous star. Everyone is so pleased to see her and wants to give her their affection, including the teachers. She has even supported children who were previously anxious about being around a dog. They now feel very differently and enjoying seeing Mona.

“She clearly enjoys the attention she receives and absolutely loves it when she is given a treat or two from the children that she meets.”

Mona is a very active dog and in her spare time she adores going on long walks, and even climbing mountains with Rachel. However, volunteering is also their passion. “Volunteering for Pets As Therapy is incredibly rewarding and sharing Mona’s care and affection with others is something that can’t be quantified. I think it is great.” 


We are always looking to recruit more volunteers.

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