At Pets As Therapy, we believe every child has the right to leave school having achieved their reading level potential and have access to the enormous benefits that reading to a pet offers. It is our aim to ensure that they are all given an opportunity to interact with a pet and improve their learning outcomes. Our PAT Teams who visit schools can help to raise a pupil's reading standard, boost their self-confidence, improve concentration levels and behavioural problems. The visits can have a positive impact on a child's educational, social and emotional welfare.  

Our Read2Dogs scheme can help young people to improve their literacy skills and encourage confidence and concentration in the classroom. Reading a story aloud to a PAT Dog, a great non-judgemental listener, helps young people to enjoy the reading experience. They look forward to spending time with their four-legged friend, which in turn creates a bond of trust, empathy and understanding of the needs of the pet.

If you would like a special waggy-tailed visitor to help your pupils develop their literacy and concentration skills, please complete our online registration form.

  • I am a teacher, can I take my PAT Dog to school with me?

    Unfortunately, due to insurance restrictions we are unable to support you if you wish to have your dog at your place of work. As a PAT Volunteer, your primary responsibility is to your dog and you are unable to do this if you are running a class or therapy session. If there was an emergency and the school had to be evacuated, as a volunteer you would be responsible for your dog, but as a teacher you are responsible for the children and therefore the welfare of either would be compromised.

  • What is the cost of receiving PAT Visits?

    There is no charge for your establishment to receive regular visits from a PAT Team. If you would like to hold an event to raise funds for Pets As Therapy we can provide collection tins, leaflets and posters to help promote your event.  

  • How long can it take before we have a volunteer?

    We try to find a suitable PAT Volunteer as quickly as possible, but it can take some time and will depend on the number of volunteers in your area. If you know of someone with a dog who may be interested in becoming a PAT Volunteer and visiting your school, let them know they can apply here

We’re here to help

Whether you are a potential volunteer, a corporate sponsor or you’d like to take part in an event and raise money for Pets As Therapy, get in touch.