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What not to feed your pets this Christmas

It can be tempting to give your dog or cat some extra treats at Christmas time, but the following festive food should be strictly off the menu:

Mince pies and Christmas cake
Raisins, currants, sultanas and grapes – traditional festive baking ingredients – are toxic to some dogs and cats and will make them very sick. Pets can become lethargic and even suffer from kidney failure.

Chocolate contains theobromine, a poisonous substance that we can safely digest but even a small amount can be fatal for a pet. Keep bags of chocolate coins, advent calendars, chocolate tree decorations and selection boxes out of your pet’s reach. And remember inquisitive greedy dogs won’t be put off by wrapping paper or foil.

Bowls of nuts, especially macadamia nuts and walnuts, are also a danger to dogs and cats. Within 12 hours of eating macadamia nuts, your pet could start trembling and vomiting. There’s also the risk of hyperthermia. 

It’s okay to use in moderation as a titbit, but don’t share the blue variety on your festive cheeseboard. Stilton and Roquefort contain a fungus substance that pets can be sensitive to. As well as causing an upset tummy, pets may develop muscle tremors and seizures.

There’ll be little festive cheer if your pet swallows alcohol, either in boozy puddings or from a glass on the floor.
Alcohol can intoxicate and poison a dog or cat, making it drowsy and wobbly on its feet. In more severe cases, pets can suffer potential comas, kidney failure and even heart failure.


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