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Calling ALL Dog owners

Due to be launched as a photo book soon the project features portraits of people relaxing at home with their dogs. Living With Dogs highlights how much we adapt our lives to suit our four legged friends; how much room we give over, comfort we offer and support we provide for these animals. Animals that, after thousands of years of breeding and domesticity, are totally dependent on us for food and shelter.

The project looks at a broad range of people and their dogs including sports dogs, assistance dogs, working dogs, medical detection dogs, rescue dogs, scent dogs and of course, our pet dogs. Some are multi dog households with animals of all breeds, shapes and sizes while others are just owner and their sole dog.  Some dogs are huge, some are small and some are loud. Some jump all over Dylan when he arrives while the shy hide behind the sofa. Some owners have had dogs all their lives, others are new to the experience and are photographed with their very first dog.

The theme of the book is companionship. In the detail in each room, in the gaze between dog and owner, in the touch of a hand, the pictures on the walls, in the resting of a head and the leaning on a leg the project shows the human / canine relationship in the context, privacy and sanctity of the sitters homes. Throughout the book we see the give and take of this relationship. Living With Dogs is about love, family, support, connection, belonging and home.

Living With Dogs will be self-published via a Kickstarter campaign launching end of May 2022. People will be invited to pledge and / or pre order a copy of the book in support of the project. All profits from the sale of this first edition (after production costs are deducted) will go to dog charities.

Details of the project can be found on the Living With Dogs website where you can subscribe to receive updates about the project and launch of the book. You will also be able to keep up to date with announcements, competitions and releases if you Like and Follow @livingwithdogsbook on Instagram.

Dylan is still looking for dogs and owners who might be interested in becoming part of the Living With Dogs project. He's particularly keen to hear from Pets As Therapy dogs as well as other assistance dogs, therapy dogs and / or people who share their lives with these amazing dogs.  

If you'd like like to take part please get in touch through the website or email Dylan at



We are always looking to recruit more volunteers.

You can find more info here


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