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How to stay safe during bonfire night

Not only is it dark when you’re out walking your dog in the morning or evening, it’s also that time of the year when our pets may get frightened by fireworks.

Loud bangs and flashing lights can scare dogs and cats, so remember, remember to keep them safe indoors on the 5th of November. Please note that it’s okay to cancel a PAT visit if your pet appears stressed.


Also follow our top tips:

1 Walk your dog slightly earlier

Try to take your dog outside while it’s still light, before any fireworks start. Feed your pet earlier too so the noise won’t distract it from its food. Anxious animals also tend to drink more, so make sure water bowls are kept topped up.

2 Check doors and windows

Close all windows and doors, and shut the curtains. Pets have a tendency to run off when they’re frightened so don’t let yours escape. As a precaution, ensure microchip details and your pet ID tag is up to date.

3 Distraction is key

Put your pet’s bed in a safe familiar spot and keep it distracted. Allow it to play with a favourite toy or give it a treat. If your dog or cat finds a safe den behind the sofa, don’t force it out. Turning up the TV or radio can help to drown out noise.

4 If you're calm, your pet will probably be calm

Act normally. Pets pick up on their owner’s worry so try not to react every time you hear a rocket going off. If you notice your cat shaking or dog whining, comfort and reassure them but don’t make too much of a fuss.

5 Be understanding

Don’t shout, even if you find a puddle (or something worse) on the floor. If you must take your dog outside, be quick and keep it on a lead. Provide a litter tray for your cat. Next morning, check for any fireworks in your garden before letting pets outside.



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