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Eastleigh Football Club shows support to PAT

Pets As Therapy is delighted to announce a new partnership with upwardly mobile Eastleigh Football Club.

“Having PAT as a partner will be an excellent opportunity for everyone to see how these amazing dogs work. We will be inviting them in to a game to socialise with the fans to raise awareness of the incredible work these dogs do,” says Gazz Davison, Head of Community at Eastleigh FC and Eastleigh FC Community Trust.

Clare Davis, CEO, Pets as Therapy, adds: “Although we are a national charity, we’re focused on being at the heart of local communities. It’s wonderful to see a new relationship growing with Eastleigh Football Club, a club which shares our community-focused ethos.” 

Why a partnership with a football club? Football clubs are at the heart of communities and do a lot of behind the scenes work with schools, the elderly and people with a wide range of disabilities as part of their community development activity. As an aid to volunteer recruitment, fundraising and penetrating hitherto untapped audiences, identity with a local football club is a perfect marriage.

And why Eastleigh Football Club? From humble beginnings Eastleigh FC has developed into a highly successful non-league club cherished by the rapidly growing population in the town and surrounding area, many of whom are dog owners, and therefore potential volunteers. The dog-loving club hierarchy are delighted to promote PAT as a nominated charity at a designated promotional match and through its social media as well as welcoming PAT Teams at appropriate community activities both at its stadium and in local schools.


We are always looking to recruit more volunteers.

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