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1,300 Challenging Miles for Charity

On April 29 Vet Kate McMorris and her home-bred horse, Marilyn will set off on the adventure of a lifetime. Kate and Marilyn will be tackling difficult terrain, mountains and moorlands, roads and ravines and unchartered tracks, often facing some of the harshest weather our beloved Britain can throw at them.

She will attempt this in order to raise funds for Pets As Therapy as well as Vetlife - a charity that provides a helpline, along with financial and health support to the veterinary profession which has one of the highest suicide rates of the professions.

In her words The recent pandemic era has also made me realise 'life is short'. We never know what is around the corner? Like many, I've been moved by inspiring stories of human endeavour and wonderful kindness, across the country during Covid. It's stirred me to see what I might also do to help those charities near and dear to me.
I have long been aware that it is the contact with animals - whether it is my horses, cats, dog, even the chickens - that gives me peace and amusement in my hectic life. And I want to help others do the same."


In terms of preparation, Kate has taken it all very seriously “For Marilyn - I have been taking her to lots of different places so that she does not find it stressful staying in a different place every night. I have been making sure she is not completely routine-bound. She has had physio/osteo, farrier, dentist, saddle fitter and dentist appointments. And we are increasing her exercise, both strengthening with schooling and lunging as well as riding longer distances. We will then be introducing more hill work as time goes on and hope to visit a water treadmill frequently. For myself, I am having dentist, optician and podiatry appointments! I have lost 2 stone in weight so far on a healthy eating kick so that Marilyn has less to carry. And we have bought a treadmill so that I can increase the amount of time I am walking despite it being dark outside!

"What could be more appropriate than setting myself an immense challenge, while raising funds for these great causes. Please do follow me and share my journey. And if you are moved by my quest and ravings along the way, it would be so appreciated if you'd make a kind donation via JustGiving. Thank you so much, from Marilyn and Me

Follow her journey here: Kate McMorris journey

Donate to her cause here: JustGiving for Kate McMorris


We are always looking to recruit more volunteers.

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