Give the gift of a PAT visit this Christmas

Give the gift of a PAT visit this Christmas by donating £3. Simply click on our lovely big Christmas tree.

Your £3 could go towards a PAT visit in a care home where a resident may be feeling lonely and missing the companionship of a dog or cat, having had to give up their own pet. Your donation could also go towards a PAT visit to a children’s cancer ward where a friendly animal is an amazing distraction. Wherever we go, PAT visits brighten up people’s lives.

You can donate today and help to decorate our Christmas tree by switching on a fairy light (£3), hanging a bauble (£6) or choosing a bell (£15). Perhaps you'd like to light up a candle (£30) or gift a present (£150).

Your donation could be a special tribute made in memory of someone you love or a faithful pet – it’s a wonderful way to celebrate their life. Please add a photo and a message for others to see. We look forward to reading these.

A gift from you this Christmas will help us spread more festive cheer.

We’re here to help

Whether you are a potential volunteer, a corporate sponsor or you’d like to take part in an event and raise money for Pets As Therapy, get in touch.