Host a fundraising PATnic

What is a PATnic? It's a picnic with a difference – and everyone is invited! Host a PATnic with your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues and  pets, and have fun while raising money for Pets As Therapy. 

We're asking people all over the UK – our volunteers, establishments, supporters, YOU – to host a PATnic and raise funds for Pets As Therapy. PATnics can be big or small or something in between. PATnics can take place in your garden, at your local park or workplace or wherever else suits you best. PATnics can be a tea for two, a barbecue, a party in a marquee or whatever you want it to be.

You can hold your event at any time. All we ask is that you register your interest in organising a PATnic and we'll be in touch. You'll receive more information, as well as a fundraising pack with posters, invites, bunting and a guide on how to host a PATnic.

Check out our PATnic dog treat recipes too (see Document Downloads). They've all been tried and tested by some very happy PAT Dogs!

Celebrating 40 years of therapeutic visits with a PATnic

PATnics - how to set up your fundraising page

  • What is a PATnic?

    A PATnic is a picnic with a difference, raising money for Pets As Therapy – and it’s a great opportunity for people and pets to come together. Share food and drink, perhaps play games, take photos – have fun while fundraising. 


    A PATnic can take place in your garden, a local park, your workplace – wherever suits you best. Pack a picnic and don’t forget a few treats for any pets (see the recipes in our Document Downloads). You may prefer to enjoy tea for two at your kitchen table or a barbecue on the beach – anything goes. Be creative. A PATnic can be anything you want it to be!    


    You can host your PATnic at any time – PATnics don’t need to all happen on a specific day. Simply choose a date that best suits you. 

  • Why host a PATnic?

    Pets As Therapy is a national charity that relies on the generosity of volunteers and fundraisers who help to ensure we offer our services to those who need it most. 


    Around 62% of UK households own a pet, so many of us know first-hand the joy of animal companionship. Pets make us smile, provide unconditional love and, thanks to PAT Volunteers, also enhance the health and wellbeing of thousands of people in communities across the UK.  


    Over 4,000 PAT Teams currently provide a visiting service in establishments such as residential nursing homes, day care centres, mainstream and special needs schools, universities, hospitals, hospices and prisons. However, as awareness of the benefits of PAT visits grow, another 4,300 establishments are on a waiting list.  


    Money raised at PATnics will ensure that Pets As Therapy can continue to support local communities. We’re eager to recruit more PAT Teams to help meet demand. 

  • How do you host a PATnic?

    First you need to register your interest in hosting a PATnic. You will be asked your name and email address, and whether you’d prefer a digital PATnic pack to download or a paper PATnic pack posted to you home. 


    Your PATnic pack will include a poster, invites, a guide to hosting a PATnic, as well as a handy checklist and bunting — which you can cut out and colour in. We’ve also put together a booklet of dog treat recipes, provided by PAT Volunteers and tried and tested by some very keen PAT Dogs! You’ll find this on our PATnic page on our website. 

  • Who do I invite to my PATnic?

    Anyone you want to invite. You can host a small PATnic in your garden for your family or a larger event at your workplace where colleagues can attend. A school may choose to organise a PATnic for pupils and parents, or neighbours may opt for a street party. Who you invite is up to you. 


    Your PATnic pack includes a poster that you can use to publicise your event, and there are PATnic invites too.  

  • How do I raise money at a PATnic?

    First, sign up to our PATnic campaign and click on the green ‘Start fundraising’ button. If you have never used the Give as you Live platform before, you’ll need to set up an account (this does not cost anything).  


    Then follow the step-by-step process to create your own PATnic fundraising page — give your page a title, eg Gillian’s PATnic, as you’ll be able to share this with family and friends. There’s also the option to include the date of your PATnic and set yourself a fundraising target. 


    You’ll be invited to add your story and any images or videos, and there’s a couple of questions to answer relating to Gift Aid. Tick the box to confirm that you’ve understood the terms and conditions, then click ‘Create page’. That’s it — you can now start fundraising! 


    There are lots of ways you can fundraise at your PATnic. You can ask anyone who comes along to make a donation to Pets As Therapy via your fundraising page.  


    Alternatively, you could organise a book sale, a fancy dress competition or set your guests a challenge and ask them to guess how many sweets are in a jar. If you raise money this way, we ask that you bank the cash and afterwards make a payment to your fundraising page.   


    Depending on the time of year, you may want to give your PATnic a seasonal twist. See our Fundraising Planner on our website for some inspiration.

  • Can I fundraise for Pets As Therapy without organising a PATnic?

    Of course! Check out our Fundraising Guides and Fundraising Planner on our website — go to Menu and click on Fundraising under Support Pets As Therapy. 

  • How will the money I raise help Pets As Therapy?

    Your money will help us in many ways. Therapeutic visits by PAT Teams can bring comfort and companionship to people who may feel isolated, confused or lonely. They help young people to improve their literacy skills and encourage confidence and concentration in the classroom. Visits also aid a patient’s recovery and rehabilitation and help improve mental health and wellbeing. 


    Raise £3 and a volunteer can make 1 PAT visit 

    £6 pays for 2 PAT visits 

    £30 pays for 10 PAT visits 

    £120 pays for 40 PAT visits 


    Take a look at our PAT Stories on our website (under News and Events) to read more about our PAT Teams. There’s Rachael and Arlo who help an autistic child struggling to attend school on a daily basis. Andy and Lola are regular visitors to Great Ormond Street Hospital, cheering up patients on cancer wards. And Keith and Bella are bringing joy to Ukrainian families currently living in the UK — some have left their pets behind. 

  • How do I share the photos I take at my PATnic?

    We really want to see photos of your PATnic, so please make sure you share these with us. Our main social media handles are:  

    Facebook - Pets As Therapy  

    Instagram - petsastherapy_uk  

    Twitter - PetsAsTherapyUK  

    LinkedIn - Pets AsTherapy  


    Remember to get permission from everyone you take a photo of. You will need permission (preferably written) from parents before taking photos of children. Please let them know that the images may be used for marketing and publicity purposes by yourself and Pets As Therapy. 

  • I still need help

    Please email your query to: 

We’re here to help

Whether you are a potential volunteer, a corporate sponsor or you’d like to take part in an event and raise money for Pets As Therapy, get in touch.