Request a visit from a PAT Team


There are many types of establishment which benefit from Pets As Therapy visits ranging from residential homes, hospitals and hospices through to both special needs and main stream schools.

Thank you for requesting a PAT visit. 

The provision of a volunteer and the time it may take to arrange this will depend on the numbers in your area and whether the available teams are a match to both parties requirements.

Whilst, as a Charity, we make no charge for this service, you will be offered the opportunity to support us or donate if that is possible, it will not in any way affect the provision of a volunteer. We would however, ask you to reimburse any out of pocket expenses that the volunteer may incur, such as parking fees.

Please note that the visits must take place in a communal area of the Establishment (lounge/tv room) and not in a client’s private rooms or flat and that we are unable to accompany your clients on walks away from the premises. Staff must be present and available to support the activity whilst the volunteer is on the premises.

Please note that our volunteers are reference checked only, if your Establishment requires the volunteer to have a CRB/DBS or similar check then we ask that you arrange to do this for the volunteer you are accepting to visit. There should be no cost to the volunteer for this requirement.

Please complete the form below to request a general visit.

Pets As Therapy is currently implementing a major update of its systems and the time has come to close the old system down, which will mean a short interruption to our service. We’re very sorry for this brief inconvenience, but between evening of Tuesday 20th Feb and Monday 26th Feb we will not be able to accept new applications from Volunteers and Establishments whilst the ‘data migration process’ to the new system happens.


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Tel. 01494 569130

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