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Special Projects

The University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln are conducting a research study into the benefits that animals, specifically dogs bring to the lives of children.  PAT have endorsed this research and we have volunteers taking part in the study.  This is a longitudinal study which will last for a year minimum.  We would like to wish the research team at the University of Lincoln all the best with their study and express our gratitude for involving Pets As Therapy.

Lincoln Education Assistance with Dogs (LEAD)

This project will be looking at the effect of dog intervention and relaxation intervention in a classroom setting for children aged 8- and 9- years.  Half of the children who take part will be typically developing, from a mainstream school and the other half will be children with special needs from a specialist school. Some children will take part in the intervention as a class whereas others will take part individually.

Children will be assigned at random to one of 3 groups- with dog, with relaxation activity, no intervention. The children who are placed in the dog intervention group will go through a familiarisation stage before the dog intervention… (Read More)

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