A big thank you to Chloe, Terry and Sally who raised a combined family total of £1,390.00 for Pets As Therapy on our first ever Orvis sponsored Dog Walk – and they didn’t even own a dog at the time, that said the PAT Dogs have been influential in Chloe and her husband’s decision to recently acquire a puppy! This outstanding effort was rewarded by our generous sponsors: Orvis, with a memory-foam dog bed, which Sally, Terry and Chloe will be donating.

Chloe Darcy, daughter of Terry and Sally Ryan, all from Harrogate in North Yorkshire, first heard about Pets As Therapy when Chloe’s daughter was admitted to an acute mental health ward. Terry and Sally’s granddaughter, who was already a dog lover, unfortunately remains unwell and is now in a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in Darlington, awaiting a permanent placement to begin therapy for her very serious mental health condition – Borderline Personality Disorder. She is regularly visited by PAT Volunteer Ian and his PAT Dog, Rosie. Chloe, Sally and Terry decided they would like to do something to repay the kindness Ian and Rosie have shown Chloe’s daughter.

Ian and Rosie have been visiting West Park Hospital for a just under a year. They attend twice a week so that all six wards can have a visit from Rosie. Rosie has provided comfort and companionship to many patients and residents at the hospital and for such a young dog she seems to sense which people are the most unwell; giving them extra time and love. They hope to continue visiting for many years.

On hearing the news Ian was overjoyed said“I am delighted that Rosie has made such an impact and his helping so many people recover from their illness.  We both get so much out of the visits and it’s pleasing to get such lovely feedback”.

“On the PAT Dog Walk in Harrogate, we met some fantastic volunteers who shared their experience of the therapeutic work Pets As Therapy undertakes – people who we wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to speak with” said Terry Ryan.

It was a family effort, Sallyspotted the details of the walk and arranged the T shirts that they wore on the day and it was she who liaised with the PAT organiser Matthew Robinson.Chloe successfully raised the most money out of all of the PAT walks that took place throughout the country, raising over £800 via her just giving fundraising page: (www.justgiving.com/fundraising/chloe-darcy1). Terry set up a separate page, (www.justgiving.com/terrythespeaker) which raised over £650! Both fund raising pages were shared with friends and family – and on their Facebook profiles.

Terry commented “Setting up a JustGiving page and sending it to our friends and neighbours was easy – especially given [Pets As Therapy] is a such a worthwhile, under-the-radar charity in need of support. They’re doing wonderful work and get nothing in return. This is apparent when we speak with our daughter and granddaughter.”

Terry, Sally and Chloe have already decided they will be joining hundreds of Pets As Therapy supporters on the next Pets As Therapy Dog Walk which gives members of the public and those benefitting from therapeutic animal visits the opportunity to walk with our incredible volunteers.

“We hope the Dog Walks will continue to gain momentum, in size and reach for those who haven’t yet discovered the charity”

–      Deborah Dow, Chief Executive of Pets As Therapy.

If you would like to Fundraise for Pets As Therapy, we’ve created an Online Fundraising Guide, which can be downloaded here, which is packed full with tools and tips to make your fundraising experience both fun and impactful. If you’d like to find out how to set up a JustGiving Page and link it to Pets As Therapy, there is a really helpful video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLgF7alOJnI