Last weekend Anne and her friend Gill took on a tough challenge and completed the Blenheim Triathlon to raise money for Pets as Therapy. For every £75 raised a Read2Dog is produced.

This was a fantastic achievement, and helps us to continue supporting our volunteers.

Pets As Therapy believe all children should leave school reaching their reading potential.  Many children challenged by reading find the presence of a dog a calming influence,  aiding concentration and providing great motivation to read.  The Charity gets no government funding and currently about 1000 volunteers take their pet dogs into schools throughout the country.

To expand the programme, as after all there are 20,000 schools throughout the UK, fundraising is required. For every £75.00 raised Pets As Therapy can offer a school and their children a great ‘classroom assistant’.

If you’re doing a fundraising event for our cause, please let us know. You can also take a look at our fundraising guide for ideas and guidance.




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