The annual Oundle Companion Dog Show was held at Halefield on Sunday, 23rd July 2017 by kind permission of the Lanni family.  The charity chosen by their members was PETS AS THERAPY and we were pleased to see three PAT Dog teams on the day.  

Many thanks to the Oundle Companion Dog Show Committee, Society members, friends, judges and stewards for their hard work.  The judges had over 100 dogs making about 250 entries to be assessed.  Dogs also had the opportunity to ‘Have-A-Go’ at agility or be timed on the ‘Fastest Recall Scurry’ course. Most dogs went home with rosettes or prizes.  Donations of prizes, cakes for refreshments and money for rosettes were much appreciated.  We are very happy to announce that they have donated £750 to Pets as Therapy!

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