Simon Fletcher (Vice-Chair)

I am a director with an international charity that uses the law to fight climate change and protect biodiversity. Prior to that, I was a director at an international law firm where for 22 years I was responsible for leading and managing a variety of strategic and governance related projects. At the law firm I managed their grant-making foundation, working with many charities to help them focus on delivering access to education.

As a PAT Trustee, I have witnessed first-hand in schools, hospitals and prisons the impact our volunteers and their pets make to the quality to people’s lives. PAT has a clear vision that all people of every age can benefit from access to our volunteers and their pets to improve their quality of life. I am excited by PAT’s ambition and plans. Using my governance and charity management experience I have been able to help strengthen PAT’s capabilities and resources to effectively support the volunteers and their pets and enable them to do what they do best.

My wife and I live in Buckinghamshire close to PAT’s Head Office and we enjoy walking and exploring the Chilterns with our rescue dog Reilly.

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